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# Large Scale Simulation Program

Offering of Large Scale Simulation Program
at High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

for fiscal 2011 Test Period

We would like to invite collaborative research proposals intending to use KEK's supercomputer in the field of high energy physics and its related fields (hereinafter referred to as Large Scale Simulation Research).
1. Qualification
Researchers in national, public, and private universities and those in national and public research organizations are qualified.
Researchers acknowledged by the Director-General of KEK to be sufficiently competent are also qualified.
2. Research Period
The new supercomputer system of KEK starts after September 2011. The first half an year is test operation period, in which we investigate the way of efficient operation and support users' development of programs.
Research starts after September 1, 2011 and ends on January 31, 2012.
3. Application

The research manager is required to submit to the Director-General of KEK a copy of completed " Application Form for Large Scale Simulation Program of High Energy Accelerator Research Organization for fiscal 2011 " WORD In completing the application form, please refer to " Instructions on Completing an Application Form and proposal for a Large Scale Simulation Program " .← Please click here
Be sure to have prior negotiation with the contact persons mentioned in 14 below on the research subject and contents.

4. Application Deadline
Applications are received any time in the test operation period. If the users want to use from the beginning of the test period, the application should be received not later than August 19, 2011.
5. Selection
Advisory Committee for Accelerator and Applied Research Laboratories of KEK makes the decision on the selection of the applications after the review performed by the Promotion Committee of Large Scale Simulation Program.
During the review, the Committee may ask research managers to explain their applications.

6. Approval
The Director-General of KEK notifies the research manager of the approval.
7. Utilization Procedures
The research manager of the selected Large Scale Simulation Research is required to submit " Acceptance and User Registration " as soon as possible after receiving the letter of approval accompanied by written consents by all members of the collaboration (hereinafter referred to as the collaborators).
8. About usage
  For stable operation of the system, the users are requested to follow the instruction of administration staffs. The user's program whose performance is not sufficient may be asked to improve. The resources including CPUs may be restricted according to the system operation environment. For details, please ask the contact persons of the Large-scale Simulation Program.
9. Facility Utilization
The research manager and the collaborators are entitled to utilize KEK's facilities, equipment, references, and other materials necessary to conduct their Large Scale Simulation Research to the extent possible.
10. Accommodation
KEK's accommodation is available within its capacity.
11. Travel Expenses
Travel expenses necessary to perform Large Scale Simulation Research can be supported.
12. Reporting Results
The research manager is required to submit his "Report on Research Results" to the Director-General KEK by March 31, 2012 of the following fiscal year.
13. Submitting Research Papers and Reports.
In publishing research papers and reports including the results of Large Scale Simulation Research, they should carry a clear statement that they are supported by Large Scale Simulation Program at KEK as in the following statement.
This work is supported by Supercomputer Project No. ...(FY2011) of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK).
When the research paper or the report is published, please send its copy to the Director General of KEK.
14. Contact persons of Large Scale Simulation Program
Shoji Hashimoto Professor
shoji.hashimoto [at] kek.jp
Kaoru Iwano Assistant Professor
kaoru.iwano [at] kek.jp
Kazufumi Ohmi Professor
ohmi [at] post.kek.jp
Hideo Matsufuru Assistant Professor
hideo.matsufuru [at] kek.jp
Please always consult with one of the contact persons in the preparation of a new application.
15. Applications should be mailed to:
    Research Cooperation Division
    High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
      Email: kyodo1 [at] mail.kek.jp
      Tel : 029-864-5126
System Summary
  While the new supercomputer system consists of two computation servers of System-A and System-B, only the former is available during this test operation period.
  • System-A is Hitachi SR16000 model-M1 (56 nodes). Each node has 980.5GFlops of peak performance and 256GB of main memory.
  • Storage system of System-A is 546TB.
  As programming language, Fortran 90, C, and C++ are available. For malti-node job, program must be parallelized with MPI. Job groups (categorized job classes) are summarized as follows.
Job group
Number of node

Number of

job classes

Max time
1-node job (test)
1-node jobs
30min, 2, 6, 12, 24 hours
4-node jobs
4, 12 hours
8-node jobs
12 hours

Job class may be changed.
For information of the Large-scale Simulation Program is announced in:


Guideline of Selection
  At the selection of the application to the Large-scale Simulation program, in addition to the academic importance and program performance, the research organization is also considered as noticed in the following.
Guideline of research organization
  The research plan of the application to the Large-scale Simulation Program, the following conditions must be satisfied.
The group applied must perform the research with its own responsibility and independently. In particular, the research manager must lead the planning and performing of the research.
If the applied research is collaborative project, the research manager must clarify the role of the group and research of this application in the whole project.
  If the independence is considered not enough, the application may not be approved. If research status is largely different from the plan in the application, usage may be stopped and interview by Promotion Committee may be held.

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