[Welcome to the IPNS] Interview with Mr. Kodai Oda of the Cryogenics Gr.

In April 2023, Mr. Kodai Oda joined the Cryogenics Group at IPNS as a technical associate.

We interviewed him about how he became interested in the world of accelerator science and particle physics, his previous and current work, and how he refreshes his mind when he faces difficulties at work.

■What sparked your interest in accelerator science and particle physics?

During my studies at university, I encountered accelerators, which piqued my interest. I learned that accelerators not only contribute to new discoveries in nuclear physics, material science, medical technology, and the origins of the universe but also have a significant impact on everyday industrial technology. This knowledge motivated me to become involved in the accelerator science.

■What kind of work were you involved in before coming KEK?

I was affiliated with Ibaraki University, belonging to the Elementary Particle Physics Experiment Laboratory at the Institute of Quantum Beam Science, throughout the Faculty of Science and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering. Under the guidance of Associate Professor Hiromi Iinuma, I worked on the research and development of a kicker system for the J-PARC Muon g-2/EDM experiment, which is used for muon beam injection and accumulation. Last year, as a special research student at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), I also participated in the research and development of the kicker system operating at the beam extraction section of the 3 GeV synchrotron (RCS) at J-PARC. My focus was on the development of low-jitter circuit for the new kicker power supply intended for the RCS kicker system, which is currently under development.

■What is your main work in the Cryogenic Group?

I am currently in the initial phase of technical staff training, focusing on acquiring fundamental knowledge and skills in accelerator science. Moving forward, I will be involved in various tasks and R&Ds within the Cryogenics Group such as the operation of cryogenics systems for the Belle II experiment, the operation of dilution refrigerators, and the development of cooling systems for superconducting electromagnets.

■Can you share your method of refreshing your mind when facing difficulties in work?

Listening to my favorite music is my primary way to refresh my mindset when feeling stuck. The lyrics and melodies uplift my feeling and give me the motivation to keep moving forward. On my days off, I consider it a reward to give myself to go to music festivals or live performances to immerse myself in the artist’s words and music.
Additionally, I do refresh to keep balance by enjoying hobbies that I can do at that time: selecting outfits, swimming, going for drives and dining out with friends.

We look forward to your future activities at the IPNS!