[IPNS Workshop] DE & I (diversity, equity and inclusion) at KEK

Having a Code of Conduct (CoC) is an established way to share a common standard of behavior in an organization. CoC is helpful to enhance awareness of people, how one should interact with others, and how one should treat others and expect to be treated. As the high-energy physics communities often engage in global collaborations, it is essential to enhance the values of these communities by fostering mutual respect, understanding of differences, and a commitment to collaboration, organization, and the organization’s mission. With the development of such international awareness, it has become a common practice to set a CoC in many HEP labs and international collaborations worldwide.

The recent focus of CoC is diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Also, specific issues we must address in the future have become apparent. While working for an aggressive and high-profile research target to explore the fundamental aspect of nature, research schedules often press our research life, which could weaken the baseline of the researchers’ life and human resources. We need cross-sectional efforts and ideas to ensure work-life balance to satisfy the needs of all researchers to have sustainable and high-level research. We must also develop awareness against bias, discrimination, and harassment and develop an inclusive educational and research environment for next-generation researchers.

In this workshop, we will reaffirm KEK’s position as a host of international experiments, reviewing the efforts of other institutions and research groups to develop a diverse, inclusive, and fair community. IPNS/KEK is on the way to developing its own CoC, and the current status of the CoC deliberation will be explained in the workshop. We also explore the potential actions of IPNS/KEK with the CoC in the panel discussion.

Date: 5th December, 2023
Venue: Kobayashi-Hall, KEK Tsukuba Campus

Talks after the first break and before the panel discussion are translated into Japanese or English. All talks are available by Zoom.

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Yutaka Ushiroda (KEK), Ken Sakashita (KEK), Mihoko Nojiri (KEK), Shoji Hashimoto (KEK), Yasuyuki Okumura (The University of Tokyo),  Emi Kou (IJCLab), Tsuyoshi Nakaya (Kyoto University)