Report on IPNS Workshop “Muon acceleration and future colliders with muon” – Exploring the Potential of Muon Collider

The IPNS workshop, “Muon acceleration and future colliders with muon,” took place at KEK on November 2, 2023. Approximately 80 researchers participated in this workshop, both in-person and online.

This workshop focused on the innovative technology of “muon acceleration” as a key component for the future particle colliders. The topics such as the physics of next-generation colliders using muons, the evaluation of muon colliders in the United States, progress in ultra-slow muon acceleration and high-intensity muon production at J-PARC, the current state of research, were shared through this workshop. Additionally, participants engaged in discussions on the feasibility of realizing next-generation colliders using muons, striving to establish a common understanding of the research for the upcoming stages.

Professor Tsutomu Mibe, one of the organizers from KEK, commented on the workshop, saying, ” It was a short half-day workshop, but it brought together researchers actively involved in both theoretical and experimental aspects, resulting in dense and fruitful discussions. We were able to exchange ideas on the current bottlenecks and future prospects towards achieving the dream accelerator.”