Report on “Workshop for the Instrumentation Technology Development Test Beam Line”

The Instrumentation Technology Development Test Beam Line constructed in the KEK Tsukuba Campus PF-AR has been offering the service for the users from the 2023 fiscal year. A workshop was held on April 4th and 5th, with about 70 researchers participating, including online attendees.

The workshop featured presentations on the outcomes of research conducted under shared usage, as well as discussions on the current status of the accelerator and the potential of hadron beams at J-PARC. Additionally, there were opportunities for open discussions on future prospects and facility tours.


The presented experimental topics covered a wide range, including performance measurements of the beamline, prototype testing of new detectors, and determination of operating conditions for detectors to be used in experiments at J-PARC. These presentations were all intriguing and served as valuable references for future users. One notable feature of this beamline is its easy access, and several groups conducted educational experiments. As Particle Physics experiments become larger and more complex, the role of test beam experiments becomes increasingly apparent. Many users expressed their gratitude to the Instrumentation Technology Development Center test beamline staff and expressed their desire to continue using the facility, reaffirming the importance of test beamlines in this productive workshop.

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