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Seminars in FY 2015

Date Speaker and Title Slide
Mar 29 Keisuke Yoshihara (University of Pennsylvania)
Title: Recent results on SUSY searches from LHC-ATLAS
Feb 23 Kipp Cannon (University of Tokyo)
Title: Results From Advanced LIGO's First Science Run
Feb 2 Masashi Otani (KEK)
Title: The World's First Muon Linac towards the J-PARC g-2/EDM Experiment
Jan 12 Karl Ludwig Giboni (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Title: PandaX III for the Search of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
Sep 30 Yuta Takahashi (CERN)
Title: CMS recent results & Higgs CP study using H->tau tau final state
Aug 3 Tetsuichi Kishishita (University of Bonn)
Title: Trend in Silicon Pixel Detectors for Collider Experiments
July 24 Hidekazu Tanaka (Kamioka Observatory, ICRR, The Univ. of Tokyo)
Title: Antineutrino oscillations with T2K
July 14 Kim Siyeon (Chung-Ang U)
Title: Status and Prospect of NEOS: Neutrino Experiment for Oscillation at Short Baseline
July 7 Ralitsa Sharankova (Tokyo University of Technology)
Title: New results of θ13 measurement via the Hydrogen channel using full data with the Double Chooz Far detector
June 30 Koji Ishidoshiro (Tohoku university)
Title: Low-energy Neutrino Astrophysics in KamLAND
May 18 Asher C. Kaboth (Imperial College London)
Title: First result of the muon antineutrino disappearance by T2K
Apr. 23 Markus Elsing (CERN)
Title: Offline Software and Tracking at the LHC - an ATLAS centric view

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