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4 Tsukuba Express (TX)


 When you visit KEK from Tokyo, please take a Tsukuba Express (called TX) from Akihabara Station to
 Tsukuba Station. Then, Take a bus or a taxi from Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal to KEK.

 From Tokyo (Akihabara) to Tsukuba Center

   From TX Akihabara station, buy a ticket to Tsukuba Station. It will take 45 minutes by Rapid, 52
   minutes by Semi-Rapid, and 57 minutes by Local train.
   Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal is 1 minute walk from Exit-A4 of Tsukuba Station.

    <TX Timetable >    
    <Timetable of the Tsukuba Express website ya>
    <TX Tsukuba Station and Tsukuba Center Map> 

 From Tsukuba Center to KEK

  TX Tsukuba Station and Tsukuba Center Map

  ao_pin Take a Bus <Timetable for Tsukuba Center- KEK >

  Two kinds of buses Hokubu-Shuttle (Tsuku Bus) and Kantetsu Bus runs between Tsukuba Center and

  Hokubu-Shuttle (Tsuku-Bus): Bus stop number is #3
 Take a bus bound for Tsukuba-san-guchi
 Tsukuba-city's community bus called Tsuku-Bus (Hokubu-Shuttle route )
 stops at the bus-stop in front of KEK.
 There are three bus stops form Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal to KEK
 (Koh-eh-nel-ghiken-cue-kikoh) bus stop. The fare is 300 yen.
  Kanto-tetsu-do Bus (Kantetsu-Bus):Bus stop number is #5
 Kantetsu buses also depart from Tsukuba Center to KEK (Koh-eh-nel-ghi
 ken-cue-kikoh), Take a bus bound for Tshimotsuma Station #71 or bound
 for Techuno-pard Oho #18, C8.
 The fare is 460 yen.

  ao_pin Take a Taxi
  When you take a taxi from/to Tsukuba Center, fare is about 3,000 yen and it takes about 20 minutes.

 updated: 2020-03-16