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Cultural - Ikebana & Sado & Shodo

 Cultural Top
 Ikebana (Flower arrangement)
 orenji_pin About Ikebana

   The explanation about Ikebana, Please visit the Japan National Tourism Organization website.

 orenji_pin Ikebana Class at the CAPIO

   Teacher: Ms. Arashi  /  Tel : 090-8770-7050
   Where : Capio,1-1 Takezono
   Date: Thursdays  between 13:00 and 15:00
       Thursdays  between 17:30 and 20:00
      Sundays   between 09:30 and 13:30
       (There is a teacher who can understand English on Sundays)
   Tuition: 6,000yen/ 2 times one month.

  You have to take a pair of flower scissors or you can buy them from teacher.


 Sado ( Tea ceremony)

 orenji_pin About Sado( Tea ceremony)

The explanation about sado, please visit the Japan National Tourism Organization website.

  koan  orenji_pin Enjoy tea ceremony at Tsukuba-san

  Please visit the Koan website: (Japanese)

  Address: 2425 Kami-oshima, Tsukuba   Tel: 029-866-2727

 Japanese Calligraphy

 orenji_pin Shiryu-shodo-kai (Shiseki KOSHIMIZU

  Place : Tsukuba Capio Meeting room
  Date & Time : Wed., 3 times a month, 14:30-17:00/18:30-21:30
  Tuition : 5,000 yen
  Language : Japanese

 orenji_pin Hanamaru Japanese Calligraphy Circle
   Please see web site : ya(Japanese)

  Place : Kasuga Kominkan (Community Center)
  Date & Time : Tue., from 17:00~
  Language : Japanese

 orenji_pin Shodo by Ms.Kato ( Tel: 080-5006-8347  Please call her in Japanese or English.)

  Place : At Ms.Kato's house (Ami machi, Inashiki gun)
  Date & Time : Sat., 10:00am-11:30am
  Tuition : 1,500 yen each time.
  Language : Japanese and English
 updated: 2019-12-03