Internship for Technical Staff was held

The 2nd KEK Research Technical Staff Internship in FY2022 was held.
Web orientation was held on Feb. 9 and onsite experiences were conducted from Feb. 13 to 17 at the KEK Tsukuba and Tokai campus.

The following themes were covered at the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL):
・Technology supporting superconductivity – Liquefying helium –
・Environmental radioactivity as background – Measurement of radioactivity in nature using various detectors
・Work experience of processing technology supporting world-leading experiments

Three students join the cryogenic science center’s (CSC’s) internship program on Feb. 13, 2023. They had a lecture about a role of the CSC and a job of technical staff, followed by a technical tour. Finally, they experienced the operation of equipment for high-pressure gas, liquid nitrogen.

At the Radiation Science Center, three students experienced the measurement of radioactivity and changes in environmental dose rates due to differences in measurement locations and measuring objects using Ge semiconductor detectors and NaI scintillation counters, on Feb. 13.

Measurements of dose rate at a location higher than ground level (Building 3 observation room)
Measurements of radioactivity in the concrete wall in Building No. 4

At the mechanical engineering center, three students experienced machining and welding of a vacuum flange component which is one of the accelerator components, on Feb. 14.

Manufacturing disc on a lathe
Preparation for checking the quality of weld by leak-detector

KEK conducts internship programs every September and February. Applications for the next round are expected to open around June. For details, please visit the KEK Technical Division website.