BL-1A: Protein Micro-Crystallography and Low-Energy SAD Experiment Beamline

BL-1A is dedicated to microcrystallography and long wavelength SAD (Single Anomalous dispersion) experiments. The beamline is designed to take full advantage of a long wavelengh X-ray beam at around 3 A to further enhance anomalous signals. The light source is an in-vacuum short gap undulator optimized at around the wavelength with the fundamental harmonics to obtain maximum brilliance. The vacuum section of the beamline has only one terminal beryllium window, followed by a diffractometer equipped with a helium cryostream and a specially designed helium chamber to minimize the attenuation of the lower energy beam and background noises. A cryo-cooled channel-cut monochromator and bimorph KB focusing mirrors compose a simple optics to deliver a focused beam with a good stability.

Area of Research

Macromolecular crystallography

Light Source
Short Gap Undulator
  • Periodic length : 12 mm
  • Periodic Number : 39
  • Maximum K value : 0.78
Mono-chromator 16.5 m Cryo-cooled channel-cut Si(111)
Vertical Focusing Mirror 18.6 m 16 electrodes bimporh (600 mm (L) x 45 mm (W)), Rh/SiO2 coated with 4.0 mrad glancing angle.
Horizontal Focusing Mirror 19.2 m 12 electroldes bimporh (450 mm (L) x 45 mm (W)), two stripes (Rh/SiO2) with 4.0 mrad glancing angle.
Photons at Sample Position
Energy range : 0.96 - 1.1 & 2.7 - 3.3 Å
Energy resolution : 2 x 10-4
Beam size: 0.013 x 0.013 mm
Photon flux :
0.9 x 1011 photons/sec (1.1 Å, 450 mA)
1.1 x 1011 photons/sec (2.7 Å, 450 mA)
Facilities in the Experimental Station
X-ray Detector: Dectris EIGER X4M (x2)
Cryocooling device : CryoIndusty Co. G2B-LT
(continuous helium gas flow at 100 K)
Fluorescence detector : Amptek XR-100CR(Si-PIN)
Data processing and back-up environment
5 Linux, 1 Windows
XDS, HKL2000, iMosflm
Dorothee Liebschner, Yusuke Yamada, Naohiro Matsugaki, Miki Senda and Toshiya Senda, Acta Cryst. (2016). D72, 728–741
Contact Person
Naohiro Matsugaki (KEK-PF)
Phone : +81-298-64-5640
Fax : +81-298-64-2801
e-mail :

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