Photon Factory Activity Report

Here is a list of Photon Factory Activity Reports available on the web.
Printed copy request service has been terminated.

Users' Report for the latest Photon Factory Activity Reports is always welcome. Please access to the submission instruction [in English] or Toukou-Annai [in Japanese].

Vol.35 2017 [User's Report will be uploaded one by one.] Vol.34 2016
Vol.33 2015 Vol.32 2014
Vol.31 2013 Vol.30 2012
Vol.29 2011 Vol.28 2010
Vol.27 2009 Vol.26 2008
Vol.25 2007 Vol.24 2006
Vol.23 2005 Vol.22 2004
Vol.21 2003 Vol.20 2002
Vol.19 2001 Vol.18 2000
Vol.17 1999 Part A [Scanned Images] Vol.17 1999 Part B [Scanned Images]
Vol.16 1998 Part A [Scanned Images] Vol.16 1998 Part B [Scanned Images]
Vol.15 1997 Part A [Scanned Images] Vol.15 1997 Part B [Scanned Images]