Accel. Lab. Meetings, Conference, Study group and Workshop

会議名称 / Title 期日 / Date 場所 / Venue 主催 / Organizer 詳細情報 / Detail 参加人数 / No. of partcicpants
SBSR-05 7-8 November, 2005 Frascati, Italy ICFA, Frascati National Laboratories The ICFA mini-workshop on “The Frontier of Short Bunches in Storage Rings”  
2005 International Linear Collider Workshops at Snowmass Aug. 14-27, 2005 Colorado, USA ALCPG http://alcpg2005.colorado.edu/  
第2回日本加速器学会年会・第30回リニアック技術研究会 July 20-22, 2005 佐賀県/サンメッセ鳥栖 加速器学会発表申込締切5月14日(土)  
NuFact05 June 21-26, 2005 Frascati, Italy   7th International Workshop on Neutrino Factories and Superbeams  
NuFact05 Summer Institute June 12-20, 2005 Napoli, Italy   http://nufact05school.na.infn.it/4th International School on Neutrino Factories and Superbeams  
PAC05 May 16-20, 2005 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA SNS PAC05  
51st International Instrumentation Symposium May 8-12, 2005 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA   InternationalInstrumentSymposium/  

April 25-29, 2005

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory http://lansce.lanl.gov/ICANS2005/  
FFAG Workshop April 3-7 2005 U.S.A. Fermilab http://bt.pa.msu.edu/ffag/main.html