Accel. Lab. Meetings, Conference, Study group and Workshop

会議名称 / Title 期日 / Date 場所 / Venue 主催 / Organizer 詳細情報 / Detail 参加人数 / No. of partcicpants
TIPP09 Mar. 12-17 2009 Tsukuba Japan IUPAP, JPS,KEK,SOKENDAI The 1st international conference on Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics  
ATAC2009 Mar. 5-7 2009 JAEA東海      
LCWS08 and ILC08 November 16-20, 2008 University of Illinois at Chicago   International Linear Collider Workshop 2008  
VASSCAA-4 Oct. 28-31, 2008 Matsue, Shimane   The 4th Vacuum and Surface Sciences Conference of Asia and Australial  
TTC Meeting in New Delhi Oct. 20-23, 2008 India IUAC, RRCAT, BARC and Delhi University in Delhi at IUAC.    
Third International Accelerator School for Linear Colliders 19-29 October 2008 Oak Brook Hills Marriott Hotel, Oak Brook, Illinois, USA the ILC GDE, ILCSC and ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel    
16PBNC Oct. 13-18, 2008 Aomori   The 16th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference  
LINAC08 Sept. 29-Oct. 3, 2008 Victoria, Canada TRIUMF XXIV Linear Accelerator conference  
1st ECFA-CERN LHeC Workshop Sept. 1-3, 2008 Divonne-les-Bains, France CERN    
OHO08 Sept. 2-5, 2008 KEK 加速器奨励会(FAS)    
HB2008 August 25-29, 2008 USA Oak Ridge National Laboratory    
第5回日本加速器学会年会・第33回リニアック技術研究会 August 6-8, 2008 Hiroshima      
ICHEP2008 July 29th,- Aug. 5th, 2008 Philadelphia, PA   34th International Conference on High Energy Physics  
ILCDR08 July 8-11, 2008 Cornell University, USA   Joint CesrTA Kickoff Meeting and ILC Damping Rings R&D Workshop  
EPAC2008 June 23-27, 2008 Genoa, Italy   The 11th biennial European Particle Accelerator Conference  
第2回Xバンド加速管設計と試験プログラムに関する国際会議 May 13-15, 2008 KEK KEK 2nd X-band Accelerator Structure Design and Test-Program Collaboration Meeting  
2008 Beam Instrumentation Workshop May 4-8, 2008 Lake Tahoe, California