Accel. Lab. Meetings, Conference, Study group and Workshop

会議名称 / Title 期日 / Date 場所 / Venue 主催 / Organizer 詳細情報 / Detail 参加人数 / No. of partcicpants
LLRF09 Oct. 19-22 2009 KEK3号館1階セミナーホール KEK Low-Level Radio Frequency Workshop 120名
ICALEPCS Oct. 12-16 2009 Kobe,Japan Spring8, RIKEN,JASRI 12th International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems  
OHO09 Sept. 1-4, 2009 KEK 加速器奨励会(FAS) OHO09 約40名
ICAP09 Aug. 31-Sep, 4 2009 San Francisco LBNL, SLAC 10th International Computational Accelerator Physics Conference  
第6回日本加速器学会年会 Aug. 5-7 2009 原子力科学研究所 日本加速器学会(PASJ)    
第4回 リニアコライダー加速器レビュー委員会 July. 22 2009 KEK 4号館セミナーホール KEK    
8th ATF2 Project Meeting June 8-11, 2009 KEK 4号館セミナーホール   8th ATF2 Project Meeting 46名(内18名webexでの参加)
DIPAC’09 May 25-27, 2009 Basel, Switzerland   The 9th European Workshop on Beam Diagnostics and Instrumentation for Particle Physics  
PAC09 May. 4-8 2009 Vancouver, Canada TRIUMF The 2009 Particle Accelerator Conference  
TILC09 Apr. 17-21 2009 Tsukuba, Japan ACFA, GDE Joint ACFA physics and detector workshop and the GDE meeting on the International Linear Colider 214名