PF-SAC (Materials Science Section)

Agenda (Online)

Session 1 (Day1) (17:00, Jun.23 (Chicago), 7:00, Jun.24 (Tokyo))

Session 2 (Day2) (9:00, Jul.1 (Chicago), 23:00 Jul.1 (Tokyo))

Summary (Updated: Aug. 24, 2020)

<Session 1 (Day1) (17:00, Jun.23 (Chicago), 7:00, Jun.24 (Tokyo))
17:00(CDT) 7:00(JST) Opening Remarks (Nobuhiro Kosugi)
    (w/brief introduction of IMSS)
17:10(CDT) 7:10(JST) Introduction of Committee Member, attendees (Masao Kimura)
17:15(CDT) 7:15(JST) Overview of Mater. Sci. Sec., IMSS (Masao Kimura)
Research Highlight
17:30(CDT) 7:30(JST) Heterogeneity-1: Structural material
(Masao Kimura)
17:50(CDT) 7:50(JST) Heterogeneity-2: Earth & Space Science, Environmental, Natural resource (Yasuo Takeichi)
18:10(CDT) 8:10(JST) Surface/interface: Catalysis, Artificial photosynthesis, Energy Materials (Hitoshi Abe)
18:30(CDT) 8:30(JST) Dynamics: photonic synthesis (Shunsuke Nozawa)
18:50(CDT) 8:50(JST) Questions, Discussion & Summary
<Session 2 (Day2) (9:00, Jul.1 (Chicago), 23:00 Jul.1 (Tokyo))
9:00(CDT) 23:00(JST) Evaluation comments from Scientific advisory board: Jon Almer
10:00(CDT) 24:00(JST) Concluding Remarks (Shin-ichi Adachi)


Jonathan Almer (APS, USA)

Last updated Aug. 24, 2020