KEK-S型課題審査会 BL16 Neutron Reflectometer Workshop 2012

日時: 2012年10月3日(水)13:30~ / 10月4日(木)9:00〜

場所: KEK 東海1号館1階 116号室



13:30~ Opening remark
13:35~ A. Takahara "Outline of JST ERATO Takahara Soft Interfaces Project"
14:05〜 N. L. Yamada(KEK) "Current status of neutron reflectometer SOFIA"
14:35~ M. Kobayashi "Swollen and Collapsed Structure of Surface-Grown Polyelectrolute Brushes"
15:25 W. Voegeli "Time-resolved X-ray reflectivity measurements in the simultaneous multiple angle-wavelength dispersive mode: from instrumentation development to first applications"
16:10~ K. Char "Neutron Reflectivity Studies on the Release Characteristics of Polymer Multilayer Thin Films"
17:15 M. Inutsuka "Hydrophilic surfaces spontaneously formed by segregation of block copolymers"
17:45~ D. Kawaguchi "Time-resolved neutron reflectivity measurements of polymer interdiffusion"
9:00~ H. Ogawa "Phase separation and dewetting of deuterated polystyrene/ poly(vinyl methyl ether) blend thin films by TOF-neutron specular and off-specular reflectivity measurements"
9:30~ K. Tanaka "Aggregation states of polymers at non-solvent interfaces"
10:00~ Free discussion
10:15~ J-PARC tour