The Institute of Materials Structure Science (IMSS) is planning a restructuring of its organization to strengthen the functions of both research and instrumentation for quantum-beam science. The candidate (full professor) will belong to the SR facility (Photon Factory), and is expected to be the head to organize the beamline R&D group.

The IMSS is now designing the upgrade of the storage ring at the SR facility. In order to take the advantage of this upgrade effectively, improvements of stability and precision of the beamlines in temporal and spatial domains are essential and urgent. The relevant technological areas are diverse, including, for example, VUV and soft/hard X-ray optics, beamline vacuum, beamline control, detectors, and infrastructures. The candidate is expected to take a leading role in developing instrumentations common to beamlines of the Photon Factory, in cooperation with the light-source-accelerator (KEK ACCL 7th) division staffs, as well as beamline scientists and engineers. He/she is also expected to enhance domestic and international collaboration with other SR facilities for R&D.