【Detailed description of the job】

The successful candidate will belong to the administration section of Photon Factory (PF, SR facility). The administration section aims to develop and operate synchrotron radiation utilization systems (academic use, industrial use, industry-academia collaboration, etc.), to manage the safety for synchrotron radiation experiments, and to lead the collaboration with domestic and overseas synchrotron radiation and quantum beam facilities. To accomplish these matters at high standards, it is important to collect and analyze the information relevant to synchrotron radiation science, and to disseminate information strategically from the PF. The main responsibility of the successful candidate is to collect, analyze, and disseminate information in cooperation with the director of PF and members of the administration section. Because the successful candidate is also expected to be one of the future leaders of the PF, it is desirable to conduct own research as an experimentalist at beamlines of the PF.

The candidate will be hired as an associate professor or an assistant professor in consideration of the candidate's career and other factors.