The Institute of Materials Structure Science (IMSS) is planning a restructuring of its organization to strengthen the functions of both research and instrumentation for quantum-beam science. The candidate (full professor) will belong to the SR facility (Photon Factory) and is expected to be the leader to organize the X-ray scattering beamlines for non-crystalline and complex materials in PF* and take a pivotal role in development, maintenance, and operation of these beamlines and promote active user programs of the PF.

The PF plans to develop advanced beamlines for X-ray (elastic) scattering methods. While synchrotron radiation has been widely used in the field of X-ray crystallography, X-ray scattering methods for non-crystalline and complex materials (so-called small-angle and wide-angle X-ray scattering) are increasing their importance along with advancement of science and technology. These techniques are important not only in basic material and life sciences but also in industrial sciences such as new material creation and pharmaceutical sciences, because X-ray scattering methods can be used to analyze multi-component systems that mimics a realistic system; we can analyze a relationship between structure and function of the complex materials (multi-component systems) over wide time and space scales with X-ray scattering methods.

The successful candidate will collaborate with research groups inside and outside of IMSS to develop not only advanced beamlines but also associated technologies including new software and analysis methods for X-ray scattering. He or she also take a pivotal role in operation and maintenance of these beamlines and promote active user programs of the PF. Furthermore, he or she is expected to develop standardized experimental techniques and promote sharing of these methods with other facilities in the framework of domestic and international collaborations.

* X-ray scattering beamlines do not include X-ray diffraction beamlines for single crystals and polycrystalline materials. The candidate should manage not only existing beamlines but also future plan for X-ray scattering in PF.