【Detailed description of the job】

We, Synchrotron Radiation Science Divisions 1&2, aim to open up new scientific fields using synchrotron radiation and to turn out researchers who can be actively involved in a wide range of fields in Japan and abroad in future. Thus, we are looking for researchers who are willing to produce outstanding research achievements through making the best use of the position as a member of IMSS, and to contribute to the development of synchrotron radiation science from a broad perspective, regardless of their field of expertise.

We, materials science section, aim to achieve various scientific activities contributing to produce new materials and/or develop processes, and to understand the mechanism of materials functioning.
【 Materials science section 】

We especially target to identify “trigger sites” that trigger materials-functioning or its degradation as follows:

  1. visualization of materials-functioning using multi-scale & multi-modal X-ray microscopy (microspectroscopy, X-CT, and so on)
  2. understanding the mechanism of chemical reactions or processing using multi-range time-resolved observation (Operando XAFS, DXAFS, TR-XAFS, and so on).

The successful candidate is expected to carry our research activities in a new filed of materials science that includes energy-relating materials (batteries and catalysts), structural materials, natural resources, and earth and planetary science. The successful candidate is also expected to research and develop new approaches to extract information from big data obtained by various observation techniques.