【Detailed description of the job】

The successful candidate will belong to the end station engineering section of Photon Factory (PF, SR facility). The beamlines at the PF are currently classified into 10 method groups, and the candidate will be in charge of beamlines that are utilized mainly for X-ray optics and imaging measurements (BL-3C, 14B, 14C, 20B, AR-NE7A).

This section promotes the sophistication of beamline end-stations including experimental devices and the development of measurement techniques, aiming to create new application research utilizing the features of synchrotron radiation. The candidate will promote these activities in collaboration with Synchrotron Radiation Science Divisions 1 and 2 and the sections in the PF, regardless of their current specialized fields. Although the main responsibility is to work as a beamline scientist in the responsible method group, we are looking for a researcher who is willing to contribute to the development of synchrotron radiation science from a broad perspective.

A researcher who aspires to become a beamline scientist will be hired as an assistant professor in a tenure-track-like arrangement. The candidate will promote application research and sophistication of methods at the beamlines, in addition to the duties as a beamline scientist. The candidate is also expected to master not only the techniques specialized for an individual beamline but also the techniques common to all synchrotron radiation facilities including the Photon Factory to become a future leader of synchrotron radiation science.